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Thread: Set of nice (4x+ and something special) armor for my sorcerer

  1. Default Set of nice (4x+ and something special) armor for my sorcerer

    As the title says I am interested in upgrading my sorcerer (oddly enough one of the few of my characters that gets hit from time to time) into some better armor than he is currently in (4x doubles).

    I am not too keen on the 2% hindrance as I see it ALL the time so I'm looking for pretty much anything except robes (unless they are really good robes). I have about 20 million to spend.

    Please let me know what you have.

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    I'd suggest picking up some of the SWCP full leather at DR. It's nice "starter" armor at a decent price.

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    What do those run? My problem is I have never attended an event and never make it to merchants to get work done so I would rather not buy a "starter" armor. Although SWCP is at least a bit better than what I have.

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    I agree with wetsand's recommendation.

    They run 2500 bloodscrip at Dark and Dangerous in Bloodriven Village. Check it out here:

    You probably want the fulls: "a dark leather aketon." You can dye them, and they'll be come leather, ie "some night black leather."

    Cool thing about DR is that the WPS smithy is also open the duration of DR, so you could affordably add another 10 services of padding for about 1200 BS, and up to 25 if you so desire. I have two capped sorcs running in these, and have slowly increased the padding over the last couple DRs. If you don't plan on doing DR at all, wait until the last few days of the event when BS and smithy invites are selling for cheap. Shouldn't cost you more than $25.

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    i have lots of TEMP padded leathers sitting in lockers , will sell them cheap
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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