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Thread: Duskruin: Arena Updates (Dec 2018)

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    In June, I mentioned I would be pushing forward a new mechanic in the arena that removed the time element from being such a big factor in earning max rewards. Moving forward, time is no longer part of your scoring for the arena. The only thing the timer is there for is to control the pace and difficulty of the arena. Your score is now purely dodging (50), defeating opponents (175), and winning (25). Surrendering will also have steeper penalties to rewards. Keep in mind, you can also get 10% more in solo arena matches if you have successful completed the Silent Investors missions in the Bank Heist for a maximum of 275 bloodscrip.

    Another change this run is to how the timer reacts when creature clean up occurs and new creatures are summoned. The arena mechanics are based on a 4 second interval. When creatures are pulled out of the arena when they die and when new creatures are summoned, this will no longer count against your timer. Slower combatants should see some improvement on getting through all 25 foes. This also means that the arena can get as long as (approximately) ten minutes, but not so much additional combat time (if that makes sense).

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    Seems like a good way to mitigate the insane advantage Evil Eye gives max-CS sorcerers without actually taking away from that as a valid Arena build.

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    it helps basically any class that doesn't poof the corpses or takes a while to kill (i.e. swingers). it's also a slight nerf to wizards/sorcs as finishing fast is no longer as much of a benefit.

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    Finishing fast still means more runs in the time you have available, which was the major advantage. Time is money.
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    Seems like a decent update. The change to the timer and body removal is a nice QoL update for semis and squares. My monk would occasionally run into problems while in roundtime from mstriking. Creature dies during first attack but mstrike RT is 5-7 seconds, body is removed and new opponent is spawned before RT is over.

    I wonder if the dodging mechanics were updated or changed with this update?

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    I'd be willing to spend more time in the arena due to this update as well. Is the go to script for it still ;arenawatch?

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