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Thread: Any ideas for a bodice

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    Default Any ideas for a bodice

    I have a a pale green satin bodice that I want to have altered. I am thinking of a bluish grey satin with lace.

    So far I have;
    a bluish grey satin bodice overlaid with white lace
    a bluish grey satin bodice with lace around the neck and tucked into the front of the bodice

    And ideas? Suggestions?


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    Maybe "smoky blue" would be a nicer way of phrasing that color. You can do a google search on smoky blue to get an idea on what it looks like.

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    I agree, smokey blue does fit better. Thanks!

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    a lace-winged/smoke blue satin/bodice ~ Panels of smoke blue satin have been stretched taut over integral ivory boning and stitched in place with a faint pattern of silver-threaded feathers. The whole effect gives the shapely bodice a smooth and glossy sheen with pinpricks of sparkle. Fine white lace spills in frothy layers from the low neckline and across the shoulders to tumble down the back like a pair of gossamer wings, each terminating in crystalline droplets.

    an off-shoulder smoky blue satin bodice edged in lace ruffles

    a smoke blue satin bodice spilling white lace at the neckline

    a smoky blue satin bodice layered in wisps of white lace

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    Wow! What an awesome description. Thank you!

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