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Thread: Selling - Ornate Brass Wand (Alter Wand)

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    Default Selling - Ornate Brass Wand (Alter Wand)

    Selling an Ornate Brass Wand (Alteration Wand)

    Analyze -

    You carefully analyze your brass wand and sense that there are no alteration restrictions other than common sense. And it must be some kind of wand/rod or other item that makes sense to be waved. SHOWs are allowed.

    To use the wand, hold the item to be changed in hand and WAVE the brass wand at the item to be used as the source of the design. The item in hand will be altered using this format:
    "[an item] embellished with [a source item] design"
    "Embellished" can change to other terms, depending on the material of the item being altered.
    The source item can be anything (with some restrictions) that can be targeted with the brass wand except players.
    You also sense that the brass wand, though magical, does not uses charges. Instead it requires a gem for power each time it is used.

    MB: 20M
    Will Take Cash at $5 Per

    CB: $475/95M Leigo
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    Japhrimel takes his black branding iron and jabs the superheated metal into your open wound. You let out a scream as the hot iron sizzles against your flesh, which begins to smoke and burn. The sensation sets your nerves aflame with blinding white agony, but somehow you manage to retain consciousness through the excruciating procedure. At last, the wound is blackened and sealed, but the pain is slow to recede.

    ...unfortunately, your heart gives out a moment later.

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    30m please and thank you

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    Updated with Current Bid

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    any more details on what it works and what are its limitations? never seen one before

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    Quote Originally Posted by zephyrii View Post
    any more details on what it works and what are its limitations? never seen one before
    It can make a design out of anything that it can be waved at, except a player. So monsters, items, items sitting in rooms, etc. As long as you can wave the wand at it while having the other item in your other hand, I've never seen it fail to work.

    It can be used to alter items that have 15/15/15 descriptions (no longs) that also don't have scripts on them, since the scripts will interfere with changing item descriptions. Anything that you can dye should be able to be altered with the wand.

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    Definitely my favorite item that I was lucky enough to win at EG. The only limitation i’ve found is that you can’t alter items that already have a description in the place it would alter. Of course you can dye then use. But for some reason you can’t dye an item you already altered with this wand. I reiceive it would be catastrophic message, but never tried to push forward. It may have been the fault of the items I was altering though.

    This is a fun item. It’s cool looking for things in the game to use to alter an item. Worth every penny being a merchant.

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    Bump - CB 30m going to call it sold tomorrow evening if no further bids

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    32m (assuming mix of cash & silvers is OK)

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