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Thread: Looking for a shield that doesn't look like a shield.

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    Default Looking for a shield that doesn't look like a shield.

    Not one of the shield bracers (though I may be interested in one I guess.).

    Just something that is a shield that doesn't look like a shield in your hands. If that exists...
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    Can you give an example of what you're looking for? Even just a vague idea of the concept you're going for. I mean a shield bracer is still going to be a shield in your hands once you transform it. There's a spike rolaren defender in player shops, but that's 100mil silver. But is that the "look" you're going for? There's also a scutum that's "in the shape of a giant sturgeon". I think there's also a staff in game that is a shield, but pretty sure it's unique and therefore crazy expensive.

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    There was a stave that is actually a shield from before staves existed IG. Did Thailor own it? Either way, it is either gone or worth probably substantially more than you'd be willing to pay. I guess that means there was no point in this comment. Consider yourself teased.
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    There are the shield-staves, shield ruby, emerald or shield emerald I forget the desc of that one, and probably some staff looking options. That or reroll into a bard to use their sonic shield alterations

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    Hmm, shield ruby and emerald? That's interesting.

    To clarify, using a shield mechanically would be ideal for my character, but RP wise simply doesn't fit. I'm wondering if there exists any tricky ways around the problem.

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    You tap a makeshift shield fashioned from a tart tray, which is in your left hand. It's a max light (6 pounds) 6x tower shield (vultite.)

    Too shieldy? I also have a 5x shield bracer, but it's damn heavy:

    >tap brac
    You tap a smooth mithglin bracer that you are wearing.
    >anal brac
    You analyze your mithglin bracer and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This mithglin bracer may be altered by any merchant who is comfortable doing so. Each form (shield and wrist worn) may have its own individual long description OR a short description (15/15/15) and a SHOW. Each form may also have something in the READ area. The material the bracer is made of MAY NOT be altered for any reason, in either form. Alterations must adhere to alteration guidelines and be appropriate for each items. It is strongly suggested that EACH form be REGISTERED.

    This mithglin bracer is OTS and has not been unlocked. The following verbs are available:


    You get no sense of whether or not the bracer may be further lightened.
    >push my brac
    Placing your right hand on the underside of your mithglin bracer, you locate a small, shield-shaped glyph. Pressing your thumb against the glyph, you feel the bracer grow warm and quickly remove your right hand. There is a flash of light centered over your left arm, and you notice that your bracer has transformed into a jet-hued mithglin wall shield etched with an argent warblade!
    >tap shie
    You tap a jet-hued mithglin wall shield etched with an argent warblade, which is in your left hand.
    >weigh shie
    You carefully examine the mithglin wall shield and determine that the weight is about 13 pounds.
    Roundtime: 5 sec.

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