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Thread: Anthem

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    I don't think it'll bomb but I greatly doubt that the game is going to be as wildly successful as EA 'predicts'. They are banking a lot on Anthem being a massive seller and I can comfortably say it won't be.

    Again, I'm not in it because I'm impressed with the product. I'm into it because of the power armor fanboy in me gets to customize the fuck out of power armor.

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    I think its success hinges on how much of the teenage demographic they can pull. They've got heavy competition what with all the Destinies and Divisions and Warframes and whatever-the-fucks. the EA brand alone is enough to put older gamers off and onto one of the many other similar options, but if they can capture the younger demographic, they have a shot at some market share.

    Edit to add: I think EA would benefit at this point from dropping the EA brand an incorporating another company from which to publish. Their name is synonymous with quality games still, but it's also synonymous for good games completely buried with both micro and macro transactions that crush the gameplay. I even get annoyed playing Madden 19 single player because it tries to push their card packs for online on me at every single turn. And absolutely fuck MLB: The Show's wonderful system of leveling up your single player character's stats with fucking microtransaction coins.
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    No, I am not Drauz in game.

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    That's a hard pass for me.

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    Reviews are starting to pop up

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