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Thread: Ideas for Custom Empathic Assault

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    Default Ideas for Custom Empathic Assault

    I won the raffle for a custom empathic assault and need some help with good ideas before the deadline on 11/25. The creative/imaginative side of my brain is not the most effective so thoughtful input would be greatly appreciate. Here are the rules:

    Congratulations on winning the Empathic Assault customization raffle. As the ticket said, you will be able to customize two portions of the spell: the manner in which the bolt is hurled, and the object that is hurled. For example, you can customize the portions in { }'s: You {hurl} {a roaring ball of fire} at an amazing creature! This is a delayed win, as it will require QC.

    Thank you in advance.

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    You evoke a blast of black miasmal energy at a critter!
    You direct a discordant burst of murky energy at a critter!
    You fling a twisting, ichorous glob of essence at a critter!

    Dunno how far you can push it as far as the object hurled. Maybe something more resembling a summoning of an animate entity:

    You summon a wailing tenebrous phantasm at a critter!
    You summon a moaning ethereal apparition at a critter!
    You evoke a charging phantasmal hound ablaze in pure essence at a critter!
    You evoke a twisting ethereal serpent clad in an electrifying aura at a critter!

    It would also help if you can let us know if you prefer your character using some sort of boring goody two shoes sort of attack, more respectable evil attacks, something neutral, or if there's any particular color, theme or even animals you like, that sort of thing. You can also obviously play with the above suggestions and substitute words and stuff around.

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