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Thread: Official: Loresong Unlocks

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    Good old simu. If you look closely, this has all their classic hallmarks.

    1. Come up with a good idea (permanant loresong unlocking)
    2. Tease the player base (2 week build up)
    3. Placed it behind an unneeded but lengthy grind wall (LKPs)
    4. Release it! Turns out it wasn't as big as they hyped and people are mad. (This topic)

    Also, everyone forgot something really important with this update ...

    Doesn't this sound like something that could be offered as a service at future paid events? Can't have an update that can't be monetized after all!

    Oh simu, never change. Because you fucking won't.
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    I see custom loresongs as a deluxe alter feature in a future EG, yes.

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    Alot of unexpected negativity on this release.

    I think it is great additional service for others and would like to perm unlock some things. No it probably won’t be ensorcell/enchant level lucrative but the result isn’t mechanical. Hell, warrior fittings and sheathmaking aren’t yet are requested often.

    Those complaining that bards get no benefit, it is an add on to something most do anyway. They lose nothing and may have a new market so don’t get that one.

    Those not liking the hunting requirement but wanting to sell the service probably should be happy it encourages active play and not a more easily scripted action without risk that oversupplies what is probably a smaller market.

    Those not wanting bards to receive this development over rogues, paladins or monks I can see the point but this was requested before and hopefully the other professions get something too eventually. Specifically, rogues have been mentioned something is in the works.
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    yeah i dunno why people are treating this like it's some insane grind, it's really not. like i agree, i think it should just be built in, or just behind a skill check or something, but like...i dunno, i feel like finishing your lumnis isn't really that much to ask and given what Estild said in discord if you do that it seems like you will, at a minimum get an LKP every other week, and probably closer to every week.

    If you wanted to prevent this from being used by dedicated lore / purify table bots, how would you do it? That's clearly the intent.
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    Not sure if it helps anyone but I did make my weapons loresong permanent. Its a 7x perfect T5 with crit, etc and it appears to have cost me 4 of my 5 points to do so. That could be wrong because we aren't given an actual number.. it's more of a vague wording as to how much it will cost and how many points you have to start with. I knew I had the full 5 to begin with based on what the GM said at the Bardic college event. I was told by the first RECALL on the weapon that it would be something like 'somewhat difficult but possible' and I made a 'good attempt' which was successful.

    Right after I made that permanent I used my will-o'-wisp to check my 'balance' on points and somehow accidentally made it's loresong permanent as well. That one said "significant cost" and "Only fail if I was incredibly unlucky". I guess I hit enter again and did the 2nd recall though, I wouldn't have honestly thought I had enough points left to do so based on the 'significant cost' estimate.

    So.. I'm not sure if the costs were 4 and 1... or 3 and 2? lol. Guess eventually the wording will be figured out on how many points it equals. All I know is that I am now at -0- balance on Lore points.

    This could have been better, I agree, but its still better then what we had last week. I like being able to put a self-updating tag on an item that will likely be going to a non-bard ALT eventually and will definitely have additions to its properties beforehand.

    If I could change anything about it, I would make the RECALL give a condensed version of properties unless its an actual story loresong. As a bard, using RECALL has about the same RT as just Loresinging to it again and it takes just as many RECALLs to get all the info as it takes multiple verses from loresinging.

    It's not a game changer and it's not going to make anyone rich but I feel like it's a nice addition. Making the two items permanent also gave me more experience then a normal loresong would it seems. I got nearly a full mind from the weapon loresong and I hold 999 xp when full.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donquix View Post
    If you wanted to prevent this from being used by dedicated lore / purify table bots, how would you do it? That's clearly the intent.
    Debatable. I think the intent is more to keep people in-game as much as possible. It's why there are so many other recently-introduced systems that rely on grinding, RNG, or a combination of the two.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardwen View Post
    wtf is this shit?
    50 LKP Minus!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merzbow View Post
    50 LKP Minus!
    many reps!

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    Bard unlocking, only 1mil per bardic week, 2m per bardic week for beast mode

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    good luck with that!
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