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Thread: Lesser Dice of Fate, Ranger Set - some silvery sephwir dice

  1. Default Lesser Dice of Fate, Ranger Set - some silvery sephwir dice

    some silvery sephwir dice - Ranger Set -

    Carved from the distinctive wood of the sephwir tree, the large dice are polished to a smooth finish. Tiny shards of chameleon agate imbedded in the six sides of each die serve as glittering pips, sans the single, which is instead depicted by an intricate carving of a cluster of viciously spiked thorns bursting from the ground.

    -The lesser dice positive spells last somewhat more than 2 hours per roll.
    -The lesser dice automatically return to your hand after rolling.
    -You can roll the lesser dice 5x per day. They act like regular dice for the remainder of the day.
    -The lesser dice will behave like normal dice while Minor sanctuary is up.
    -Casts a spell depending on the roll.

    2 Mobility
    3 Phoen's Strength
    4 Whispering Willow
    5 Natural Colors
    6 Sounds
    7 Spike Thorn
    8 Call Swarm
    9 Resist Elements
    10 Natural Colors
    11 Self Control
    12 Sneaking

    SOLD on generous BO
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    That was quick.

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    Ranger dice are the best dice of fate because only one option is potentially fatal. Granted a 7 is pretty easy to roll

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