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    What has more impact on 208. Spell ranks or MIU?

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    Rune Strength = (AS bonus/10) + Min(MjS,MnS) + Abs(MjS-MnS)/3

    I don't even see MIU in the formula for 208 at all.

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    Yeah, meant Arcane Symbols.

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    Considering the divisor for AS is 10, that would make spell ranks much more important as you would need 10 ranks of AS to be as high in value as a single rank of spells.

    An example being - if a character is level 25 with 25 ranks in AS, and 20 ranks in MjS/MnS - then you will get:

    2.5 (AS contribution) + 20 (MjS contribution) + 0 (difference between MjS and MnS / 3). = 22.5 rune strength

    Alternatively, lets say you focus on MnS instead of MjS, and had 40 ranks in MnS and 0 in MjS, your resulting value would be:

    2.5 + 0 + 13.3 = 15.8 rune strength

    Spell ranks in general are best. You can balance the formula as an Empath or Cleric, but anyone else is going to lose those spell ranks contribution from the Min(MnS, MjS) part of the formula.

    A capped cleric with 101 ranks in MjS and 68 ranks in MnS would and 2x in AS would have:

    20.2 + 68 + 11 = 98.2 rune strength.
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    Thanks Maerit

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    What's a general strategy with using this spell? I've tried it on a mid-30's cleric but not had much success.

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    Make sure you have no spells that you don't know active to steal a buff from someone else or a critter. After you steal and use an outside spell your rune strength will be dramatically impacted.

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    One quick correction:
    208 looks at Arcane Symbols bonus, so the first 40 ranks actually add 14 rune strength and 200 ranks add a total of 30.

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