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Thread: a unique disk customization and a couple other neat things

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    Default a unique disk customization and a couple other neat things

    1. Gilded vaalorn scabbard – +5 bonus to edged weapon bonus holds up to 15 pounds lots of charges no level restrictions id scabbard 10m mb 14m zaigh sold

    2. Grotesque ghoul-shaped disk 10m mb
    This is a prize token that, once REDEEMed, will "Grant a custom Animated Disk (511) of: the ghoul-shaped (player's name) disk. The disk will include a unique show description. At this time, redemption of this customization will permanently disable default messaging of this spell. Please remember you must be able to cast this spell on your own in order to use the customization and that this ghoul-shaped disk does not grant you the spell."

    this is a unique disk customization with a unique show only one around of it's kind.

    3. Rune-carved fantail dagger 3x/3x zelnorn dagger 10m mb 14m mr dallas sold and delievered
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    mb dagger and scabbard
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    standing between the living and the dead

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    going once vod messaged me a bid at 930am. just to let you all know the custom disk can be used by anyone not just wizards. It's a one of a kind item was the Ghoul grand prize
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    11m on #3

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    Things going twice get your bids in people. Especially you rich people like vishra hoy and warclaidh

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    13mil on dagger
    You swing a vultite claidhmore at a black forest ogre!
    AS: +401 vs DS: +258 with AvD: +32 + d100 roll: +76 = +251
    ... and hit for 147 points of damage!
    Terrible slash to the black forest ogre's side!
    Entrails spill out, onto the ground!
    Death can be SO messy.
    The light in a black forest ogre's eyes goes out as she collapses and finally dies.

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    11m scabbard
    standing between the living and the dead

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    updated again. get yoiur bids in on this neat stuff

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    stuff going twice. The scabbard is the same one that just sold for 15.

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    12m scabbard
    Player of Durakar

    Duskruin Arena shop list
    Want some scrip? Lemme know and we can work out a deal for the next time Duskruin comes to town.

    Zaigh's Locker

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