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Thread: +5 Edged Bonus Faenor Scabbard - T5 Win

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    Default +5 Edged Bonus Faenor Scabbard - ID sheath- T5 Win

    Selling a T5 win - silk-throated pale faenor scabbard
    +5 to OHE(edged weapons) Bonus, ID sheath when you put a weapon in it, holds 15 pound weapon and weight 2 pounds.

    As you sing, you feel a faint resonating vibration from the pale faenor scabbard in your hand...

    The scabbard resonates with your voice, indicating that it enhances its owner in the following ways:
    It provides a boost of 5 to Edged Weapons Bonus.
    The scabbard looks to have a lot of charges remaining.

    You sense that the pale faenor scabbard will persist after its last enhancive charge has been expended.

    >put no in my scab
    You slide your no-dachi into your scabbard with a satisfying *SWOOSH*.

    drake dagger when sheathed below

    >put dagger in my scabb
    You hear a slight sizzling sound as you slide your dagger into your scabbard.
    >anal scabb
    You analyze your pale faenor scabbard and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions, but the creator has stated that "The item type should not change."

    You can tell that the scabbard is as light as it can get, but you might be able to have a talented merchant deepen its pockets for you.

    CB:15m to Chaoswynd Three times last call!
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    2 please.

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    Give me the >cover scab , >gird , >sheath, >turn scab, and >spin scab .. on this item please.

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    3m please

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    Bidding war! I'll go 9m

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