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Thread: Greater Elemental Flares Token

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    Default Greater Elemental Flares Token

    Just found this in the sea!

    40k Bloodscrip or silver equivalent takes it!
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    Will you trade it for a black crystal baldric

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    Don't need two of those!

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    gratz fking sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by beldannon5 View Post
    gratz fking sigh
    Sorry sweetie, but hey- tomorrow night could be your night!

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    The service will cost seashells too, eh?

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    Sure will! Though at about 10pm Eastern tonight, the price of seashells will plummet.

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    can we get a price on this? MB price
    I started out with nothing , and I still have most of it left !

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    Several people have indicated interest, but I'm still open to offers!

    Ideally looking for bloodscrip or trades

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