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Thread: 95lb capacity waist worn case

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    Default 95lb capacity waist worn case

    an ink-traced branded leather hip-case, 4lbs holds 95lbs any number of items weighing up to 2lbs each

    show: Branded into the oiled leather of the case is an elaborate map of Elanthia, the mountains and waterways indicated by minute scrollwork written alongside each landmark. Cities and townships are clearly marked by tiny jeweled points, while well-used paths and shortcuts are traced in ebon, the ink seeping into the leather and adding a depth of dimension to the artwork. Set in the bottom corner is a stylized compass rose, each cardinal direction inset with gilded filaments that encase a tiny cabochon of jet

    Loresong reveals a piece of information I'm not sure about which is 'It has an impossibly complex lock on it, but is currently open.' I'm told it's either a whisper container or is locked with a key I'm looking for to try.
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    First price that comes to mind is 20m. If you want to do more research, I would see how auctions for VLA boots have gone recently... its a similarly rare slot to hold VLA.

    Id be interested in this too, send a PM if you are looking to sell.
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    I paid 15 for a similar 5/95 belt but it didn’t restrict the size of the objects.

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    So is it a cool way of saying fanny pack?
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