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    I had something I hoped to get a little feedback on. I have a recharging crystal. I'm not especially interested in selling it but I also don't use anywhere close to daily. If I were inclined to essentially rent it out for day rate what do you guys think would be appropriate to charge to safely add two charges to an MR item? Do you think that's even something people would be interested in?
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    It probably wouldn't be a whole lot per day but it's still better than doing nothing with it.
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    25k a day with a 200m security deposit.
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    I think she means to have you give her your item and then she charges it herself.

    As the owner, the convenience of daily use is one of the things that makes it valuable IMHO. You are basically going to be asking people to pay 50k or whatever for 1 charge of a spell. I think the crystal works with anything mage rechargeable, so it would be especially useful for stuff that merchants no longer do like 1750 or 130, but I personally do not consider very many spells valuable enough to make it worth your time.
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