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Thread: Lesser Dice of Fate - some mottled drakar dice

  1. Default Lesser Dice of Fate - some mottled drakar dice

    some mottled drakar dice -

    Forged from drakar, the large dice are brilliantly white, though the surface reflects no light. Vivid crimson speckles on the six sides of each die serve as pips, sans the single, which is instead depicted by an intricate etching of a roaring inferno bursting from the ground.

    5x/day, Positive Spells will last for 2 hours each

    2 is Tremors
    3 is Boil
    4 is Major Cold
    5 is Minor Fire
    6,7 is Invisibility
    8 is Prismatic Guard
    9 is Melgorhen's Aura
    10 is Major Shock
    11 is Sandstorm
    12 is Call Wind

    MB: 12m to khorpulent SOLD!
    BO: 20m
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    standing between the living and the dead

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    Going once!

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    Going twice!

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    Bump, going twice to khorpulent!

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    SOLD to khorpulent!

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