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Thread: Banshee flare token

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    hello I'd like to raise the bid to 28.88 million on this token please

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    The seashell pricing has changed for all items and my quoted prices aren't correct anymore. Haliste has referred it to the dev team who are going to look into the pricing.

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    Price estimates have been updated. Apparently items with no scripts were being under-estimated while things with fluff scripts were being vastly over-estimated. There are still some scripts that are being over-estimated.
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    30m please and thanks

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    33 mil

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    36.5m going once

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    36.5m going twice

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    I'm going to hold off on calling this sold until another bug is fixed. GMs confirmed an issue with pricing for wall-shield scripts so I'm unable to give an accurate quote (pretty sure 260k shells isn't right).

    Honestly every fluff script I've tested has had a wildly inflated price. Anfelt scripts are probably one of the most common fluff scripts out there, and they increased the price by ~120k shells, so I'm having to ask them to fix the pricing one script at a time.

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