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Thread: Banshee flare token

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    Default Banshee flare token

    Selling a Banshee flare token ( pulled as a T6. Can be used on runestaves, shields, and armor. Does not appear to work on anything with greater than 10 points of padding or other flares. Haliste posted that the Banshee flares are +10 TD/Bolt DS for 10 seconds.

    a transparent spirit-shaped token

    MB: 10m
    CB: 36.5m to GS-Vet sold
    I am not entertaining buyout offers.

    Auction will go once, twice, sold. I'm going to be traveling Thursday through Sunday so I'll be slow to respond and likely won't update some days, but I'll try to update once a day. If you'd like to have an item checked for price send me a PM and I'll try to catch you in the lands.

    >ana my token
    You analyze your spirit-shaped token and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This spirit-shaped token entitles the bearer to purchase flares for an eligible weapon or piece of armor. The bearer is still responsible for any associated costs. Take your weapon or armor to Marello in Flares of Interest, and SHOW this token to him with your armor/weapon in your left hand to receive an estimate for the service. GIVE the token to him to accept the cost and service.

    Flare Details: Banshee flares with unlimited flares.

    >show token to half
    You show a transparent spirit-shaped token to a blue-haired tall and burly half-krolvin. He says, "I'm sorry, but your spirit-shaped token is only good for runestaves and armor/shields."

    Example costs:
    4x shield - 15000 seashells
    4x runestaff - 15000 seashells
    6x HCP full plate - 33133 seashells
    7x HCP double leather - 38733 seashells
    7x (+32) heavily scripted runestaff - 15000 seashells
    7x HDP full plate w/ T4 ensorcell - 80966 seashells

    Price of some items with fluff scripts has been vastly reduced. Price of non-scripted items pretty much doubled because it was originally charging for temporary banshee flares instead of permanent banshee flares.
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    Only +10? Wow, they like giving out weak banshee these days, that's barely even a screamer much less a wailer.
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    If you add this to a shield, will it proc if you block, if you're hit, or only if you use a shield maneuver?

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    They proc on spells cast at you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaigh View Post
    Only +10? Wow, they like giving out weak banshee these days, that's barely even a screamer much less a wailer.
    It’s a moaner...

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    18.88 million coins please

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    Haliste is actively tweaking the runestaff pricing. It sounds like it's not working as expected.

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