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Thread: Connor vs Khabib

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    Jones does not want to fight DC, allegedly. I think that's bullshit in its finest form, as much as DC can't shake Jones, Jones will always have the specter of DC unless it gets done.
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    Methais isn't even on my level bitch.

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    Still sad that Lesnar and Fedor never fought, would have been epic.

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    Rumblings, confirmed.

    DC vs. Lewis on 03NOV18 for the heavyweight title.
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    DC vs. Lewis should be..I dunno. Interesting I guess, but I don't think Lewis is gonna do terribly well against a wrestler unless he gets that one lucky hail mary shot in early. He's gassed almost instantly, has back problems, and is generally pretty damn out of shape for a fighter. You put him on his back and he's gonna stay there until being submitted in a minute or two. Gotta get the mileage out of that sound byte of his though. They were even playing it this morning when I drove to work.
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    Apparently the governor was there in that and bailed the minute the aftermath started.

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    I liked when the iron sheik got hulk hogan in the camel clutch at the end of this 100% unscripted feud

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    4 days suspensions on both sides for both these dudes.

    Oct. 24th, both of them could be suspended indefinitely, pending investigation results. Lots of threats to quit lately. Also, Khabib forfeited his purse.
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