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Thread: Bubble Flare token for EG Autoflarer

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    No! Bad Adred!


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    Do you just sit here and push refresh

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    No I get an email notification when a post comes through...but a bubble flare token is pretty much the only thing I want from gimme! Pretty please!
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    did you confirm it'll work on your items?

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    The item I'm putting it on isn't weighted and has no flares so it should be good. 10x t5 forged maul. I didn't have a token to test but when I asked the flarer about adding bubble flares it gave me a quote (96k yikes!)

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    Bid updated.

    I'm stepping out for a little bit but will be around again later this evening for a while, plus tomorrow evening if anyone else needs something tested with the token.

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    I'm waiting to hear back from a GM regarding the eligibility of a weapon for another potential bidder and will not be calling this as sold until I get an answer (likely sometime this evening).

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    And sold.

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