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Thread: Bubble Flare token for EG Autoflarer

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  1. Default Bubble Flare token for EG Autoflarer

    I lucked out and pulled this early on. After a bit of reflection, though, I know I wouldn't use it anywhere near as much as someone else.

    an iridescent bubble-shaped token

    MB: 5m
    CB: 30m Giantphang SOLD

    I'll go once, twice, sold, and try to update every half day or so.

    This bubble-shaped token can be used to purchase bubble flares from the flare merchant on Caligos Isle. Eligible items for this service consist of weapons and armor and will be validated by the merchant at the time of inquiry. Service costs will apply and will be calculated at the time of inquiry. ANALYZE the token for complete details.
    You analyze your bubble-shaped token and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This bubble-shaped token entitles the bearer to purchase flares for an eligible weapon or piece of armor. The bearer is still responsible for any associated costs. Take your weapon or armor to Marello in Flares of Interest, and SHOW this token to him with your armor/weapon in your left hand to receive an estimate for the service. GIVE the token to him to accept the cost and service.

    Flare Details: Bubble flares with an absorption value of 20.

    Wiki link:

    You must provide your own seashells to get the service applied to your weapon. Seashell prices for reference:
    0x dagger - 15k seashells
    2x dagger - 15k seashells
    4x dagger - 15k seashells
    4x runestaff - 15k seashells
    0x naginata - 15k seashells
    0x claid - too powerful
    6x perfect katar w/ Fana script - 15,553 seashells

    If you want to verify whether or not your item is eligible or costs something other than 15k seashells, PM me. I'll be around most of today/tonight.
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