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Thread: T3 Fully Unlocked Veola Ferroniere

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    Default T3 Fully Unlocked Veola Ferroniere

    Description: five-strand pale silver ferroniere

    The creator has also provided the following information:

    This item is designed to display a gem or feather. The ferroniere has three distinct descriptions, one when empty, a second when a gem is inserted, and a third when a feather is inserted. To insert an item, hold the ferroniere in one hand, the item you'd like to insert in the opposite hand and PUSH ferroniere. PULLing the ferroniere will remove the hairpiece and restore the ferroniere to its empty description. It has been fully unlocked and has the following verbs available: TWIST, TAP, ATTEND, NOD and SHAKE.

    When worn, it will temporarily alter your hairstyle and supports up to three custom hairstyles in addition to the default setting. Currently it has no custom hairstyles set.

    When altering these items there is some important information to keep in mind. First, this item belongs to the HEADBAND group and may only be altered in one of the following nouns: Headband, Diadem, Circlet, Tiara, Crown, Garland, Caul, Ferroniere, Seer-Stone, Ferrigem, Geldaralad, Aemikvai, Khazkurka, Basrenne, Trinette, and Elothrai. And while each side is highly customizable, both the noun and material do need to remain the same for all three sides.

    You get no sense of whether or not the ferroniere may be further lightened.

    MB: 5M
    BO: Make An Offer

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    Pulled will sell at another time, pm if interested

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