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Thread: Unlocked Eviscerating Knife (T2)

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    Greetings all.

    This auction will go once, twice, and sold or until a buyout is received. Silvers, Bloodscrip accepted (1000 per), or cash ($5 per million) as a Paypal Gift.

    Found this one in a sapphire-set black ash trunk in digging in Ebon Gate. (T5 Jackpot Prize)

    fang-hilted blue-green fire opal blade

    You analyze your fire opal blade and sense that the creator has provided the following information:

    This is the blade of an Apdo Gno Burzka'ask, which is a Krolvin seer. It will gut an animal, and only an animal, to steal its organs. You can do this by typing POINT blade at {animal}.

    It is your task to divine the future from those organs.

    This particular blade is at the Second Tier (Tier 2), but can not be unlocked by a regular merchant, and it traps for point, rub, exhale, tap, and tilt.

    It has a chance to create one of six different types of organs.

    You may alter this blade freely, but please try to keep its material as either glass, obsidian, metal, or organic (bone, flint, jade, etc.). It should only ever be a small

    knife or dagger, and it can never have any kind of special flares, weighting, or enhancive abilities.

    You get no sense of whether or not the blade may be further lightened.

    Wedded to a sabertooth tiger fang by thin, opaque skins of sinew, the blade is fashioned of incredibly thin blue-green fire opal that is expertly knapped to a keen point.

    Despite being short, the blade is wide with a slight curving angle upon one side and a convex angle upon the other. Rainbow incursions play along the surface in the ambient

    light and pull from the dormant green-blue hues of the fire opal. The hilt is yellowed near the root, though the length is ivory in hue near the smooth grip.

    You carefully inspect your fire opal blade.
    You determine that you could not wear the blade.
    It looks like this item has been mainly crafted out of gemstone.

    Current Bid: 6m Redscare SOLD
    Buyout: 12m
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