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Thread: 7x perfect razern dagger

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    Default 7x perfect razern dagger

    I have no desire to sell this since it's my ranger's project piece, but I am curious about it's potential value. Standard razern weighting on it (no services), 7x enchant, perfect player forged dagger.

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    Seems about right. I’d say 5m for the perfect razern plus 12m for half the cost of the enchant (5+7+12/2)

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    as someone about to have 2 chances at getting a perfect razern project piece (got 2 out of the slab, currently working around to getting enough mithril head pieces to fill up the rest of the boost of the gods), give me your energy.

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    Good luck, this is the only razern piece I've managed to have come out as a perfect... and I learned quick to be careful who I pull it out around. You'd think it was an auction quality weapon the way folk whisper offers to me about it.

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    Thanks for the replies, always good to know the value of yer stuff

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    Makes me wonder - if you're getting lots of offers, maybe it's worth more. Also, I wonder if altering it from "a perfect razern xxx" to something else would affect the value. Do you think people prefer having "perfect" in the description?

    p.s. Just went through 9 slabs and ended up with ONE superior handaxe-head. SOMEONE has got to have some better luck.

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    Well, I've been working with vaalorn and vultite lately, but that seems to match up with my luck...

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    Vaalorn and vultite... see you in 3 months when you’re finally out of roundtime!

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    I dunno if people like seeing the razern but
    Lcw 7x perfect dagger prob only 15m assuming you can find one in which case is usually a pain in the ass
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