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Thread: Accelerated 7x enchant

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    Default Accelerated 7x enchant

    As the title says I have 7 fully infused mirtokh potions for a speedy 6-7x enchant.

    2x cap wizard with perfect stats, 101 wizard ranks, also enough water lore should you want an ice/acid flaring item enchanted(your rhiveneh potions). Will use gift of eonak on the final cast. Will travel to personal workshop if needed for difficulty.

    CB 15m Ososis sold
    BO 25m
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    A kobold points at you and yells, "Mine! Chasin!"

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    Sold wednesday evening if no further interest

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    MrMortimur I don't think alot of people know what a speedy enchant is. You might get more people biting if you mention that the 6x-7x enchant will take 6 days instead of 14 weeks.

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    How difficult of an item can you enchant? I have some 6x MCP/SWDP plate.

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    and sold.

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