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Thread: sack o stuff, 211, 215, 307,

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    Usual Auction stuff, 1,2,3, sold
    This is for the sack of stuff all together. Just need to clear out locker space. lots of 211, 215 and 307 things.

    MB:250k CB: Malmuddy 500k Winniner winner chicken dinner

    in a large sack you see:

    a warped silver band set with an intense sunset purple crystal. 601 colors, Rub
    an old parchment 104,314,110
    a soggy crumbling scroll 101,314,315,119
    an arcane scroll 315, 1701, 301,307,112,206
    a soggy crumbling scroll 101,314,315,119
    a forest green palimpsest 601,104,103,116,104,116
    2x a pearl-tipped smoky mistwood wand, Raise, 211 20 charges
    a dwarven sea captain effigy, 211 Raise 8 charges merchant rechargable
    a bent yew switch 1107 x20 Merchant Recharge, wave
    a garnet-set imflass barrette, Blank Imbeddable,Mage Recharge, +2 Int
    peridot inset eonake torc, 215 Heroism 6 charges,rub, Merchant recharge
    a demon-shaped emerald 307 benediction, Raise 4 charges Merchant Recharge
    a sphere-shaped emerald 307 benediction,Raise 3 charges merchant recharge

    Wee! Colors!
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    SEND[Valyrka] hi there, just an FYI, those tents are not considered private that I can tell. I know you are sexy.. but better watch the language in there.

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