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Thread: new UAC Warrior

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    Berserk works with fist weapons tho right? especially if I train up OHE to use Katars like Maerit mentioned. Where do you train in stances? are they CMANs or warrior guild training?
    It does work with fist weapons. Keep in mind tho that your off hand AS will be dependent on how much twc you have. If you intend to train ohe to use katars, when you berserk your best bet is to pull out two axes or falchions. They hit harder and since you are berserking you don't have to worry about RT. If you decide not to learn ohe I'd use two fist scythes. Don't expect two fist scythes to blow your hair back tho.

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    I can say that with my UAC wizard I have tried every combo I can, except TWC because the TP cost is impossible for a wizard, but I have tried pretty much every weapon type possible for UAC and I am of the opinion that wraps and boots, or whatever variation of those you have is the best overall. There may be some very specific circumstances where holding a UAC weapon is advantageous, but I have abandoned all of that and now just bare knuckle it, so to speak.

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    Mostly bards and to some extent paladins benefit from the holding of a unarmed weapon. Bards for sonic flares, which are incredibly strong considering you're swinging the weapon every 1s, they hit very hard, and have increased flare rate due to training in air lore to get Song of Tonis RT enhanced. Paladins for the 1605 benefits (lots of extra DF) along with a double plasma flares, 1625 bonding for the enhancives, and such.

    A warrior might see some gains due to wspec + bonding, and it makes it so they can parry with their weapon (and parry mastery is fairly useful for a non-shield using warrior, but get block mastery instead if you use a shield w/ shielded brawler).

    Weapon Bonding is actually a strike against UAC for warriors. While UAC combat is interesting, and a great way to bypass a target with unhittable defense - Weapon Bonding abilities don't generally work with UAC attacks. The added DF, probably not helping UAC attacks. Pretty sure it can't double strike with UAC, and I don't know that the RT reduction has any effect on UAC RT. Plus, you might lower a target's DS with an attack, but probably not their UDF...

    So, really, warriors are best equipped to bond with a non-UAC weapon and attack that way. That's just mechanics though. This game can be a lot more interesting if you're not too focused on min-maxing.

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    I have been thinking about this since straight UAC seem poor for a Warrior would it make more sense to go with fist weapons and TWC instead of just punch jab kick grapple style?

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    UAC warrior is totally fine. It's certainly more defensive than most other UAC builds, but still fine.

    TWC brawling weapons doing normal AS/DS with fist-scythes or a katar if you eventually get OHE is great. It's a meat grinder and berserking with dual flaring weapons is a blast (also you can use the twin hammerfists cman, which is a great setup move. easy knockdown, and each weapon has a chance to flare). I made it to ~60 doing that on my warrior using clearly inferior weapons (sais), so using far better bases like fist-scythes is obviously quite good. Plus you still have the brawling so if you wanna go do some UAC, you just can.
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    anyone know where to get 4x fist-scythes?

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    I rolled a brawling warrior a few months back. I switch between swinging and UAC, depending on circumstances. I'm a full 2x in two weapon combat, and when I want to berserk I use dual fist-scythes

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    Use UAC with 0.5x TWC until 50 when you can pick up 3x shielded brawler. Then swap to brawler and never die. Level however long you want in complete safety. The end.
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