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Thread: Game down?

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    Default Game down?

    Unable to log in via Lich or page the past 20 minutes or so, hoping it's not just me.

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    Same. Was just trying to get into the game for the day and it won't launch with Lich. Tried to login to the website and get "An error occured with this part of the website. Our team has been alerted to the problem. Please try again later."

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    From discord:

    TrixToday at 5:01 PM
    Login servers are undergoing maintenence, or were

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    I'm logged in and can log in my alts.
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    They're doing maintenance on the log-in servers, according to Facebook.
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    Would that cause the Lag I am experiencing? this morning was not as bad but still a second or two response time to type in actions. didn't even try hunting.

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