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    Unfortunately, This year has been incredibly harsh on me financially. I have found myself in deep financial burden and in order to get some bills paid i need to get some money to pay them the only assets i have left that are sell-able are my beloved characters. I am listing this cleric for sale. It will be a TRANSFER only not an account takeover. Character was mostly uses for resurrections and rescues. Inventory is optional and can be removed.

    Character is a Voln Master


    Quote Originally Posted by Information
    Name: *Censored* Race: Human Profession: Cleric (shown as: High Priest)
    Gender: Male Age: 95 Expr: 6947956 Level: 94
    Normal (Bonus) ... Enhanced (Bonus)
    Strength (STR): 98 (29) ... 98 (29)
    Constitution (CON): 87 (18) ... 87 (18)
    Dexterity (DEX): 67 (8) ... 67 (8)
    Agility (AGI): 76 (13) ... 76 (13)
    Discipline (DIS): 96 (23) ... 96 (23)
    Aura (AUR): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Logic (LOG): 96 (28) ... 96 (28)
    Intuition (INT): 100 (30) ... 100 (30)
    Wisdom (WIS): 100 (25) ... 100 (25)
    Influence (INF): 84 (17) ... 84 (17)
    Mana: 396 Silver: 0
    Quote Originally Posted by Experience
    Level: 94 Deeds: 23
    Experience: 6947956 Death's Sting: None
    Exp. until next: 67044 Recent Deaths: 0
    Mental TPs: 0 Fame: 88875440
    Physical TPs: 79 Mana: 396/396 max
    (1472 Phy converted to Mnt)
    Long-Term Exp: 0

    Your mind is as clear as a bell.

    You feel a strange sense of serenity and find that you are able to reflect on recent events with uncommon clarity and understanding.
    Quote Originally Posted by Skills
    *Censored* (at level 94), your current skill bonuses and ranks (including all modifiers) are:
    Skill Name | Current Current
    | Bonus Ranks
    Armor Use..........................| 58 12
    Shield Use.........................| 196 96
    Brawling...........................| 196 96
    Physical Fitness...................| 102 24
    Arcane Symbols.....................| 140 40
    Magic Item Use.....................| 140 40
    Harness Power......................| 292 192
    Elemental Mana Control.............| 102 24
    Spirit Mana Control................| 196 96
    Spiritual Lore - Blessings.........| 165 65
    Spiritual Lore - Religion..........| 131 35
    Spiritual Lore - Summoning.........| 168 68
    Perception.........................| 196 96
    Climbing...........................| 150 50
    Swimming...........................| 150 50
    First Aid..........................| 196 96

    Spell Lists
    Major Spiritual....................| 40

    Spell Lists
    Minor Spiritual....................| 45

    Spell Lists
    Cleric.............................| 107
    Training Points: 79 Phy 0 Mnt (1472 Phy converted to Mnt)
    (Use SKILLS BASE to display unmodified ranks and goals)

    239 days remain until the annual FIXSKILLS is to be granted, on 05/20/2019.

    Your 30 day migration period will begin when you choose to degrade a skill.

    Further information can be found in the FAQs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Justice History
    You have committed no crimes in the past six months.
    Quote Originally Posted by Policy Review
    You've been warned 3 times on the character *Censored*. You haven't been flagged as a high maintenance customer. You're not being monitored for vulgarity. You've last read the policy in full on Fri Sep 7 02:34:40 ET 2001.
    Quote Originally Posted by Convert
    You have been a devout follower of Lorminstra since Day of the Huntress, Koaratos 18, 5097 (7/18/97).
    Quote Originally Posted by Bounty
    *Censored*, your Adventurer's Guild information is as follows:

    You currently have 23292 unspent bounty points.

    You have accumulated a total of 23392 lifetime bounty points.

    You have 0 expedited task reassignment vouchers remaining.

    You have succeeded at the Kill Creatures task 2 times.
    You have succeeded at the Retrieve Heirloom task 1 time.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Skins task 2 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Gems task 8 times.
    You have succeeded at the Protect Traveller task 3 times.
    You have succeeded at the Procure Herbs task 6 times.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Dangerous Creature task 4 times.
    You have succeeded at the Rescue Child task 1 time and failed 1 time.
    You have succeeded at the Kill Bandits task 2 times.
    You have succeeded at the Help Kill Bandits task 7 times.

    You have been tasked to hunt down and kill a particularly dangerous Ithzir herald that has established a territory in Old Ta'Faendryl. You can get its attention by killing other creatures of the same type in its territory.
    Quote Originally Posted by Inventory Full
    You are currently wearing and carrying:
    some golden topaz prayer beads (Heavily Scripted Attuned to Lorminstra 9 Verbs)
    a topaz-inset pewter band (Persistent unused imbeddable |Enhancive Crumbly: +7 to Spiritual Lore - Religion BONUS (47 trains); ENHANCIVE: +6 to Max Mana (21 trains); quite a few charges; on enhance it crumbles)
    a set of hooded black leather armor with an intricate lockpick stitched on the chest (5x moderately resistant to puncture attacks, very resistant to fiery attacks)
    a veniom-bound rolaren tower shield (7x)
    a pearl-studded red silk gem pouch (66 high value gems inside, max light)
    a crystal amulet
    some silver and onyx prayerbeads (Fluff only)
    a glassy black mica amulet (Invisability Imbed)
    a ruby amulet (Wall of Force Imbed)
    a long black beard (Scripted appearance modifier)
    a multipocketed doeskin fishing vest (has a 3 nexus gems)
    a black-handled gold key symbol with a single bit (Chrism Holder - Loresinger pending)
    a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles
    a misty blue glaesine orb
    a gold-fluted blue velvet vest
    a diamond engagement ring. (Long show: Crafted of a flawless platinum band, the face of the ring is artfully worked. The central diamond is white and carved into the shape of a key.
    Surrounding the heart of the trinket, a series of tiny dark diamonds are formed into a black gate. Trailing across the band from the setting are scribed roses, each encircling the platinum band.
    There appears to be something written on it.
    In the Common language, it reads:
    May your love be the key to my gate.
    (Note: key to gate is Lorminstra Reference)
    a veniom threaded harness
    a lily white drake short sword
    a tapered azure vultite sai with a silvery eonake tip (4x sancted)
    a gold-capped hoarbeam runestaff (registered) (2x +2 Defender's bonus)
    an eonake-edged mithglin fist-scythe swirled with silver (4x Sancted)
    a leaf-bladed golden mithril katar edged with white ora (4x Sancted)
    an ivory-hilted golden ora falchion (2x Blessable)
    a gold-tooled spidersilk backpack (Contains Alchemy stuff)
    an ebon spidersilk pouch (66 high value gems inside)
    a black marble mortar
    a black marble pestle
    a dark scroll satchel (28 Full Crisms, 17 Scrolls, and 2 other)
    an enruned silver battle horn
    a pair of black ora-buckled boots (2x nexus gem inside)
    a gold-edged pristine white vestment fastened with a gold filigree cloak-clasp
    a lacquered black staff set with a brilliant gold key symbol (6x - Heimer staff – Heavily Profession Based Scripted – Loresong Story – VERY RARE - Currently, you are able to really get some sauce for your efforts when you LEAN, RAISE, TAP, and WAVE this staff, though you get the feeling that you will only see results if you are of a magical profession.)
    an emboidered silk instrument case with a circular latch
    some sovyn clove
    an ebon leather satchel clasped with an faenor toggle
    a twisted black willow mirror
    a woven grey spidersilk sash
    some dark vaalorn-tipped boots (Loresinging pending)
    a heavy quartz orb
    an elaborate Lorminstra symbol
    a heavy quartz orb
    a small sovyn clove
    some sovyn clove
    a bottle of pale blue cologne aglisten with shards of sapphire frost
    a heavy rod
    a silver cross pendant
    some ephlox moss
    some ephlox moss
    some wolifrew lichen
    some torban leaf
    some calamia fruit
    some sovyn clove
    a copper-studded wineskin
    a butterfly charm
    a maoral flute
    some ambrominas leaf
    some cactacae spine
    some basal moss
    some haphip root
    a tincture of acantha
    a tincture of acantha
    a tincture of acantha
    an ayanad crystal
    a white flask
    an ayanad crystal
    a slender ivory wand
    some essence of fire
    a heavy quartz orb
    a heavy quartz orb
    a short sword
    a heavy quartz orb
    an elegant silver alloy chalice
    a reticulated opalescent orb
    a reticulated iridescent orb
    a corked crystalline globe filled with glowing mineral water
    a slender steel needle
    a razor-sharp imflass spur
    a silver-edged deep red bankbook
    a pure white locker manifest
    a slender golden key symbol backed with a small onyx gate (Symbol of Prosolyte You sense that by a light TOUCH to it might do something about thoughts that you receive from others, via the blessings of Lorminstra.)
    a black iron cauldron
    a pale marble mortar veined with onyx (registered)
    an alabaster stone pestle banded with mithril
    a waxy indigo-veined vellum
    a twisted wand
    an uncut emerald
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    Discord - allen

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    300 going once.

    - Jennyfer -

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    300 going twice. Will be sold tomarrow morning if no other interested parties.

    - Jennyfer -

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    310 going once

    - Jennyfer -

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    310 twice

    - Jennyfer -

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    Sold, 310 arrangements can be made in pm, thanks.

    - Jennyfer -

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    Threads like these break my heart. Best of luck to you.

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