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Thread: A Stylized griffin pin (Enhancive Hider)

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    Default A Stylized griffin pin (Enhancive Hider)

    Auction Ends 9/17/18 at 12pm EST

    This golden griffin pin will hide any non-container, non-combat gear, non-scripted enhancives when RUBbed. RUBbing it again will reveal the hidden enhancive items. You can PULL any individual hidden enhancive to reveal it. WAVEing an enhancive item at the pin will either indicate if it is enhancive if it is held or hide the enhancive if it is worn. You can LOOK or PEER at the pin to see which items are hidden, or check your INVENTORY. TOUCHing the pin will hone in on any empty enhancives you are wearing that are not hidden.

    MB 3m
    BO 10m

    CB 5m - Tonic
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    CB 4m Lexbubba updated

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    5 mil

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    5m Tonic updated

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    I accidentally had the auction set to end on 10/17/2018. I meant 9/17/2018. This won't be over a month long auction lol. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for pointing it out to me Rhine. I updated the auction to the correct end date.
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    5m Tonic GOING ONCE
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    Sold to Tonic pending delivery. Thank you all

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