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  1. Default [Winterfest 5118] Planning

    Greetings everyone!

    Winterfest is almost here, about two and a half months away. I've already started putting things together.

    The dates for Winterfest this year are Dec 6th-9th. It's a Thursday thru Sunday.

    If your House or Organization wants to participate again or for the first time this year, you can go ahead and start your planning and thinking process. To prevent events from overlapping, we'll be using a form where you can pick a time slot. Once you pick that time slot and submit the form, that time will be removed from the form automatically. It will be a first come, first serve. My suggestion is to have a couple times in mind. I am hoping to get it up on the Winterfest website this weekend so folks can make the move with putting their events together.

    Also, beginning November 1st, nominations will open for Frost King and Frost Queen. Rovvigen and Balley won your votes last year. Is this year your turn. Keep an eye out for when the nominations open.

    If you have any questions in the meantime, do not hesitate to reach out to me!

    Winterfest Website:
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    Wouldn't it be more appropriate for White Haven to host this thing?

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    It used to be years ago. Aspis has taken the lead on it the past few years.
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  4. Default Accepting Event Submissions

    Greetings again!

    Have you been thinking of your event this past week you'd like to have put into Winterfest? I have added the event submission form on the Winterfest website.

    Participants & Event Form:
    Calendar of Events:

    This form needs to be filled out to be a part of Winterfest. Aspis has created time slots where you don't have to worry about stepping on the toes of another Winterfest event or another stepping on yours. Filling out the form secures your spot. No one else will be able to have an event within a two hour span that you selected. When you select the time slot you want and submit the form, it disappears for the next House or Organization submitting an event. First come, first serve on time slots. Reserve yours as soon as you know!

    If you have any Winterfest questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me.
    Richaard Zephyr
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  5. Default Accepting Events Continued!


    I hope everyone is enjoying Caligos Isle (Ebon Gate) so far.

    This month will most likely fly by with all the fun happenings at Ebon Gate, so I want to keep a reminder going about Winterfest as those wanting to host an event will need to get their Event Support Request into the CHE Controller by November 3rd. We will still be taking event submissions after that of course for those wanting to participate (We will be setting up a campfire like we did last year at the Penguin Hill in Icemule Trace if anyone wants to hold an event there. Aspis will be holding an event there and we encourage others to as well.).

    Who's coming to the festival so far?
    Argent Aspis -- Helden Hall -- House of Paupers -- House Sovyn -- Silvergate Inn -- The Black Hand Trading Co. -- Fenog's Regulars -- ICICLE -- The Order of the Sphere and Scythe

    Also, a special shout out to ICICLE for partnering with Argent Aspis this year as Winterfest hosts. They will be helping out at the Crowning of the Frost King and Queen as well as the Yule Ball.

    If you would like to have your CHE, MHO, or go solo or with friends on an event for Winterfest, please go to: (form must be filled out)

    For a Calendar of Events that have been confirmed or possibly taking place for Winterfest, please go to:

    Have a great weekend, everyone!
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  6. Default Updates!

    Greetings my friends!

    I hope everyone is enjoying Merchant Week on Caligos Isle!

    We are still looking for CHE and/or MHO participation for Winterfest. Please pass this on to any of your CHE and MHO mail groups. I know folks work during the day on Fridays, but we have plenty of openings around the morning to late afternoons for Friday - Sunday. Evenings are full.

    More Information:

    As I mentioned before that we'll be co-hosting with ICICLE (an MHO dedicated to Icemule Trace and their denizens), but Mayor Tawariell has graciously offered to give a speech with the opening of Winterfest (and hopefully can convince her to with the closing).

    It's also a good time to let your CHE and MHO members know that in about 10 days, the registration to nominate ones self for Frost King and Frost Queen will open.

    More Information:

    Thanks everyone who has participated in the past and also for those taking part this year! Continue to have fun on Caligos Isle the rest of the month!
    Richaard Zephyr
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  7. Default Events & Tokens

    Greetings everyone once again!

    We are approximately 39 days away from Winterfest 5118. It'll be here faster than we all know.

    House Argent Aspis is putting together our 'Event Support Request' and will be sending it out within the next few days. This is a final call if any Houses want to have House Argent Aspis include them in on the Calendar for Winterfest.

    As this is a conjoining multi-day event, only one House needs to send in the Calendar event item. For this; Silvergate Inn, House Sovyn, Helden Hall, and House of Paupers will not need to send in a Calendar item. House names will be added to the Calendar in the event subject area. They will still need to create an ESR if they need anything else for their event.

    If any other Houses fill out the event submission form within the next 24-36 hours, House Argent Aspis will also include them in the Calendar. We will still take event submissions until the end of November in case CHEs and MHOs want to take part at the last minute. November 30th will be the cut-off deadline.

    This brings me to the Winterfest Tokens that were introduced at last year's Winterfest. We took a long hard look after the first year of testing and came to the conclusion that reaching the limits to prize costs could take years for those attending. So we drastically decreased the prize costs. Everyone should now be able to get something fun by the end of Winterfest. A reminder that Winterfest Tokens are free and so are the prizes. Tokens are handed out during events to all those who come and enjoy that event (excludes the crowning and yule ball). Before the Yule Ball, token collectors will have the chance to turn in their tokens for prizes. These are gifts as a thank you for attending Winterfest.

    The more events we can hold, the more tokens we can hand out. So I encourage and welcome any CHE, MHO, or individual to come host an event at Winterfest this year.
    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

  8. Default Winterfest 5118: Frost King & Queen Nominations Begin!

    Greetings friends!

    Nominations for Winterfest 5118 Frost Royalty has begun.

    Now through November 15th, we will take nominations from those who wish to be this year's Frost King and Queen. The dates for Wintefest are December 6th - 9th. It's essential the Frost King and Frost Queen attend Winterfest., primarily the crowning/parade and yule ball. The first five male and first five female nominee registrants will be our royalty court. Any others that get their nomination in will be a backup.

    Then, on November 16th the voting will begin. The Elanthian community will vote for who they would like to see as the next Frost King and Queen. Voting will last through November 30th. On December 6th, the newly Frost King and Frost Queen will be announced and crowned.

    For nomination form and rules, head on over to

    Are you ready to have your name on the ballot this year?
    Richaard Zephyr
    Argent Aspis' Argent Bursar

  9. Default Winterfest 5118: Frost King & Queen Nominations End Tomorrow!

    Greetings friends!

    This is the last call for Frost King and Queen nominations. Tomorrow will be your last chance to sign up and get your name on the ballot. Then on the 16th, the voting will begin.
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