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Thread: Whisper Backpack (scripted, holds 200 lbs), Jackpot Prize

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    Default Whisper Backpack (scripted, holds 200 lbs), Jackpot Prize


    a sturdy black tapestry-weave backpack
    Whisper Backpack, weighs 6 lbs, holds 200 lbs.

    MB: 1m
    CB: 5m to bubba going twice!
    BO: 10m

    SHOW: You glance at your tapestry-weave backpack. Thickly woven strands of dark threads form the tapestry-style image of a star-spangled meadow beneath a moonless night. Bright lime green and lemon-yellow string binds carnelian and amber pieces at strategic places along the back panel to create tiny fireflies that play amongst the blades of grass that they illuminate. Constellations formed of white floss and tiny beads dot the sky, while matching bone-white beadwork trails down the shoulder straps to disappear in silver toggles. Perched on top of the tapestry-weave backpack is what appears to be a mix and match of broken bones constructed into a miniature skeleton. The bones are drilled through and threaded with brass wire, then attached to an oversized ivory skull. Clasped within the bony arms is a tiny mithglin skeleton key.
    In the tapestry-weave backpack you see a crinkled yellow parchment.
    In the Common language, it reads: Password: *********
    From the analyze: Currently you are able to use TURN, RUB, KISS, WHISPER, OPEN, CLOSE, and WEAR with the backpack. To lock the container, you'll simply CLOSE it. To unlock it, you'll need to supply the password via WHISPER.


    As Amerek wears his tapestry-weave backpack, the eyes of its skull glow bright red. Skeletal arms unfreeze and latch onto Amerek tightly, momentarily squeezing the breath out of him, as if the tapestry-weave backpack is wearing him, rather than the other way around.

    Amerek buffs the gleaming white skull on his tapestry-weave backpack, bringing it to a brilliant shine.
    He holds it up to the light before giving it a final rub.

    Amerek tugs at his tapestry-weave backpack, but a skeletal hand slaps him soundly!

    As Amerek closes his backpack, a skeletal hand swings down from the skeleton perched on top, holding a mithglin key. The hand carefully locks the tapestry-weave backpack and returns to rest off to the side of the backpack.

    >open my backpack
    The skeletal eyes flash ominously as you tug at the skull to open your tapestry-weave backpack. The tiny skeletal arms hold it closed.

    As Amerek whispers to the ivory white skull on his tapestry-weave backpack, one of its arms unfreezes and swings out, carrying a mithglin key. It carefully inserts the key into the lock, and with a *CLICK*, it opens!

    Amerek brings his tapestry-weave backpack to his mouth. All the color drains from his face as he stares at his tapestry-weave backpack, shaking his head in disbelief as it falls to the ground.

    As you bring your tapestry-weave backpack to your mouth to kiss it, the skeletal face unfreezes and bites your lip, causing you to drop the backpack in surprise! You gape in astonishment at the backpack.
    You are stunned! [This causes you to drop the backpack]

    You turn your tapestry-weave backpack over and examine it for flaws. The skelteon attached to it unfreezes for a moment and reaches up and pinches your nose! You drop the tapestry-weave backpack as you reach up to rub your battered nose. You are stunned. [This also causes you to drop the backpack]
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