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    What was the cost per point when the enhancive charging for silvers was offered?


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    I tried finding it on the forums out of boredom.....but man, they really f'ed things up on the officials with their "revamp".

    I found this posting on the Important Announcement folder:

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    Adventurer's Guilds Recharging for Silvers! on 01/01/2018 01:37 AM CST
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    The Adventurer's Guilds across Elanthia will be offering enhancive recharging services for silvers from now until January 7th. Please plan accordingly to take advantage of this limited time offer!


    This message was originally posted in Organizations and Societies, Adventurers Guild. To discuss the above, follow the link below.

    The link doesn't work....I did track down the Societies folder, but there isn't anything in there other than 3 posts about a Sigil of Location update. Any old postings are gone.

    Simu really screwed the pooch on their revamp. You can't find anything and 95% of any postings before the revamp are just gone. Good job Simu!

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    No idea how current this is, but the Enhancive Item page on the wiki ( says the following:

    "There is also a tradition to recharge enhancives for silvers at some point around the New Year (could be before or after). As a general rule, the cost of recharging an item in silvers is approximately 17x the cost in bounty points. So an item costing 3,600 bounty points to recharge will cost 60,000 silver to recharge. Notes are accepted by the Treasure Masters."

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    I thought it was 16x, but close enough.
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