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Thread: Odd Lich Problems

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    Default Odd Lich Problems

    So we've been using Lich for years and years and haven't had an issue up until recently. We did a new, fresh install to a Windows 10 desktop. We were having odd disconnect issues, so we deleted and did a reinstall. Now, we have a slew of other issues.

    First issue is that it didn't auto download the mapDB and for the life I don't have the error.

    After forcing map DB, we tried downloading xnarost. After download, we can't trust xnarost because Lich errors that it can't find the script.

    Sloot for example, won't run the full cycle and never picks up any loot.

    Upon every login, we get the following error:
    --- Lich: alias service started
    --- Lich: lnet active.
    --- Lich: repository active.
    [repository: error: unrecognized command. Try ;repository help]
    --- Lich: repository has exited.
    --- Lich: dreavening active.

    There appears to be some type of disconnect with how or where Lich is reading script details and I have no clue how to fix it. Tried downloading and reinstalling, tried wiping scripts and redownloading. Tried clearing out any registry details and still the same results.

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    First some simple questions:
    Which game you playing: GS4/DR
    Which version of RUBY did you install?
    What version of Lich are you using (shows in title bar when you launch it before logging in)
    What's output of ;autostart list
    What's output of ;e echo $lich_dir

    Let's start there at the basics and see what we can do.
    Tillmen's Lich Homepage
    Lich Wiki Info
    Elanthia Online Forums Archive
    Elanthia Online Github Repository - Collaborative script development by the community. (now home to ;bigshot and gameobj-data.xml)

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    Quote Originally Posted by horibu View Post
    Let's start there at the basics and see what we can do.
    Which game you playing: GS4/DR - GS4
    Which version of RUBY did you install? - 2.0.0-P648
    What version of Lich are you using (shows in title bar when you launch it before logging in) - 4.6.49
    What's output of ;autostart list
    s>;autostart list

    --- Global autostart scripts: infomon, alias, lnet, repository (args: download-updates)

    --- xxxx's autostart scripts: (none)

    What's output of ;e echo $lich_dir
    s>;e echo $lich_dir
    --- Lich: exec1 active.
    [exec1: C:/Users/xxx/Downloads/lich-4.6.48/lich/]
    --- Lich: exec1 has exited.

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    I believe I've found the issue. I think the Lich folder on the site has been changed/compromised. The contents have changed compared to my install that I did approximately 1 month ago, vs. a new attempt just a few days ago. Copying my existing install to other machines seems to work okay. Using a new download from the site does not.
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    Apparently when I made the last lich zip file for the website, I stuck a version of autostart into it that was a little too new. Fixed now. Thanks.

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