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    I'll be choosing an animal companion soon. What do you have and what makes it great for you? Help me decide.

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    If you're going purely for mechanics, it might be a good idea to choose one based on what 650 aspect you like the most as you get a bonus to it depending on your companion type.

    A full list of the differences between types can be found here but to be completely honest I've never found them to be useful in combat, aside from using GUARD to grant me a little extra DS when using ranged weapons.
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    The Great Elanthian Companion Project that Taernath linked to above is a fantastic resource for Animal Companions. My suggestion is to not worry too much about mechanics and think of it more from a roleplaying perspective. What would be fun for you to have around you all the time and interact with and interact with others with? What type of animal and coloration or quirks do you think would be fun, and then have a really fun time exploring the lands and searching what is out there and mulling over options. I traveled far and wide for weeks just to settle on my lynx right on town's doorstep, but I love him so. Mechanically I wish they could do more, but I love having my companion around in general. If you are strictly going for mechanics then what Taernath said above is solid advice, but I think animal companions offer more roleplaying wise than mechanically in general. They are fun living props (who are always eternally perpetually hungry)

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