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    Hello all,

    I recently renewed my subscription to the game and dusted off my cleric. She was a caster/smiting cleric thinking it was a solid tactic. But, I found the world of Two-handers and fixskilled her.

    My training path involves x1 two-handers and CM. (Level 39)

    My question is: What cmans should I invest in? Feint, disarm?

    Thank you,

    Lady Nairena
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    Assuming you're binding or webbing enemies, I'd start with 3 ranks of Feint and see how that works for you--it probably works great with the bonus against immobilized creatures, but if not, go for the fourth rank. Then take a couple ranks of Cunning Defense, then go from there. If you hunt bandits a lot, a couple ranks of Subdual Strike can be helpful for protection. Cunning Defense and Subdual Strike aren't really important or anything*, but it's more just that there isn't much else to train in besides Feint and you don't strictly need a full 5 ranks of it.

    IMO you shouldn't really need Disarm for defense because of Spirit Servant, Soul Ward, and the fact that there aren't many enemies that use it in the first place. And using it for offense isn't needed either when you already have binding and can force them into offensive stance.

    *A lot of clerics will swear by Cunning Defense and how it changed their world... but a lot of clerics are also pures. :P I was 1x CM like you and found that Cunning Defense barely made a difference since the Combat Maneuvers ranks themselves already provide protection.

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