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    Post Trades

    Current trades:

    - bloodscrip / silvers

    - fully unlocked climate cloak with custom feature hiding hood and clasp (max light/epic deep)

    - altered 6x/6x acuity nervestaff with T4 ensorcell and very little attunment (easy to work off)

    - 3x hcp full plate

    - 5x dcp aug chain

    Looking for:

    - Capped wizards, a 20m+ halfling bard

    - Items that can cosmetically alter other items (excluding: ornate brass wand, bag bedazzling box)

    - Dragonrealms accounts, closeouts, characters, items, platinum etc, no account to big.

    - Money, those paypal 1's and 0's, silvers/bloodscrip possibly
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    T2 voucher gone, T1 and T3 still available.

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    Updated with more swaaaagg

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    greater void staff gone

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    parasite gloves gone, bump

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    bard gone, stick-o-doom still available, would consider trades of capped wizards/sorcs depending on how high.

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    bump, get your 10x acuity runestaff with nervescript!

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    bump staff gonezo
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