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Thread: Recommend Stats for a WarMage Two Handed weaponry

  1. Default Recommend Stats for a WarMage Two Handed weaponry

    I've heard of UAC mage and warmage guides.

    But I'm having difficulty finding stat placement for a Dark Elf warmage wielding two handed weapons.

    Is it just a matter of using the TrainerGS4.4.xls sheet to max out 8 out of the 10 stat placements? If so, which ones do you recommend I place 100's for at lvl 100?

    Or can you recommend your stat placement for your warrior mage?

    I'm starting a wizard from scratch, i'll be using cheatyface's guide for the first few levels, but need a warriorMage guide what fixstat to do once I hit lvl20 and above for end-game placement. I'll likely do them in two phases purchase a 'fixstat' potion at lvl66 or lvl50.

    Also why is lvl66 considered midway instead of lvl50?
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    I would have to look, but level 66 might be the halfway point for experience required to cap, but not certain and not of the opinion it matters. If you want to set your stats for 50 or 66, I can get behind that, but, and this is just my opinion, the easiest part of the game is getting to 50, things get much tougher beyond that. Casting critters get much nastier and maneuvers take on a life of their own, so you do not necessarily need to do it. With the exception of my two GS3 babies, all my alts are set for cap once I got to 30 days, now level 20. And a dark elf mage will have to set his strength stat high anyway to max it at 100, which is one of the major stats for a THW user, right behind agility and dexterity, although with celerity, your dex and agility stats become slightly less critical at lower levels. I tanked influence on all my alts except my bard, in order to max out all my other stats.

    As far as guides go, it is hard to beat Whirlin's, it is still hanging around somewhere, but you may have to look to find it.

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    I would place your stats to make it easier for you to level up that means not setting them up for level 100 optimization. That should make leveling a lot more tolerable which means you'll get to cap "faster" and then fix them then. Instead take the time from 0-100 and do bounties. Do your best not to spend them and when you cap (or honestly a little after cap say 8m exp) do the fixstat. Just my 2 cents.

    I will agree with Kutter I'm pretty sure level 66 is the half way point experience wise to cap.
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    With a warmage, you can pretty much just set your stats to max for 100 and you'll be in good shape. The physical stats that grow the slowest are the ones you'll want high in the beginning if you're swinging a weapon anyhow, so it's one of the rare builds that's not gimped in early levels by optimizing stats for cap. The best way to figure out that stat placement is the use Tsoran's spreadsheet. If you go to there is a link at the bottom of the page for the spreadsheet. Just set the raze and profession and target level and plug stuff in until you get 100s in everything except influence.

    For some reason this Mac I'm on at work is giving me problems with the spreadsheet, but if you can't figure it out just PM me and I can crunch the numbers when I get home.

    Also, you might consider polearms as an alternative to THW. A lance hits harder, generally has a slightly higher AvD than most THW, and you'll get a bit more parry DS. I took my elf wizard all the way to cap using a lance and zero spell aiming ranks, and I found it pretty enjoyable. Only problem with a lance is it takes a crapton of air lore to get it down to 1 sec now (I trained my guy up before the 506 changes), so it might be something to consider for higher levels. I think it takes something like 66 ranks of air lore for my elf to swing in 1 sec, and I reckon it would take a little bit more for a dark elf, on account of the lower AGL bonus.
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    The experience midpoint (3,786,250) to cap is Level 63 + 43.25k experience.

    This is one scenario for DE Wizard max stats at level 100 (limited to 8 stats of 100 at cap). These stats are not necessarily idealized for a two handed weapon user. For a two hand weapon user you could completely tank INF (start with a 20 stat) and add 20 points to DEX and 5 to LOG or AUR (something along those lines). If you start DEX at 69 it will grow to 79 at level 20 and 97 by the time you reach level 63. As Khorpulent stated you really shouldn't need a mid-level fix stat.

    StatLev 0Lev 20Lev 63Lev 100

    *Includes professional 10 point bonus.


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    Khorpulent is likely on to something with the pole recommendation. A claidh is obviously the gold standard of THW, and while they have become more common, high enchant ones are still very pricey, in contrast, a 4X perfect maul can be had for much less, and in the beginning a 4X superior would be more than sufficient for a very long time, and forgers almost give those away. The problem there, is that is still has a 7 second RT, so getting it down to 1 second, can be a challenge. For my pure, until he hit 25, and I probably should have gone longer given the amount of mana he had then, I swung a 1X naginata that my bard ebladed so I had a 5X flaring polearm. i freely admit I am a naginata fanboy, mostly because of its relative damage to speed, and, and this is a very big AND, the minute you get any encumbrance, slower weapons will immediately push your RT up. You can do the eblade on a maul, just be aware, as I am sure you know, anything you eblade, cannot be blessed so if you hunt undead it would be a 1X weapon.

    And I think Ritus is spot on with the stats.

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