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Thread: Does Maelstrom and Implosion still do damage in PVE areas?

  1. Default Does Maelstrom and Implosion still do damage in PVE areas?

    I haven't played my lvl 37 sorcerer since GS3 era and recall getting a slap on the wrist for Malestroming in wolves area because some people walked by without even me knowing they were there.

    I also recall back in the day a few sorcerers had done implosion in TownSquare and on the tree house. I was only lvl10 when it happened, but it was so funny seeing the utter chaos. This was when GS3 had 2000 players online at once.

    Anyhow, my question is "does maelstrom and implosion" still do damage to players? Or did they finally nerf it and make sorcerers into passive progressive liberals?

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    Implosion in town will end up being self cast unless during invasion. 710...not sure. Both outside town will hurt others walking by

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    Unfocused implosion/maelstrom damage non-grouped players. Implosion also affects people in nearby rooms.
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    But you can still accidentally cast 435 when you meant to cast 425! Did that a few times in the Commons before MANA SPELL was a thing....

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    Are you Demicone?
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    Can you still cast implosion on a strongbox, and have a rogue open it in townsquare? For entertainment purposes.
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    wtf do any of you even sorcerer bro?

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