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    Default Ta'Illistim Playershop

    Selling Roh's shop in Ta'Illistim ~ located in the Mzaarine Bazaar (ne and e from the entry room at lich # 731)

    Shop currently has 3 rooms (you need to be Premium to maintain this benefit). Must be a citizen of Ta'Illistim on the character you want to accept the shop with.
    Shop will be empty when transferred to the new owner. Auction will go the usual once, twice, sold.

    Accepting silvers or $ bids at 5m per. Payment by verified Paypal gift only please.

    a smooth-hewn stone cottage with a simple thatched roof

    Custom exterior and mannequins in main room (with SHOW). These should stay on transfer but can easily be changed. Room names will disappear.

    See for more information.

    MB: 25m
    CB: 25m Elysia (discord)

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    Rohese's GS Wiki page

    You arrange yourself on the throne.

    You attend to your gold wirework circlet, carefully smoothing the hair underneath, and adopt a regal air as you survey the area.

    You think to yourself, "I got this"

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