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Thread: Dose anyone do high end ensorcell?

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    Default Dose anyone do high end ensorcell?

    High difficulty, high rate kind of deal...

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    not possible to do your new armor
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    I will be happy to test it for you, if I haven't already. I'm sending you a PM to suggest a meeting time.
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    Heh if it is for your new armor...The previous owner was specced for beastmode ensorcelling and he only got the current tier with an open roll. Some serious dedication to try and roll a 100 every week.

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    You can actually get more than one cast. I maxxed out my juice to T5.5 and failed the first 11 cast and got roll on 12th. Not sure how many fail cast you can do before falling below current T4 needed. Bring lots of inky black potions though.
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    Gift of Eonak too

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    With max energy of 3.5 weeks, you may attempt a tier 4 cast 8 times before falling below the needed 2.5 weeks energy.

    Each failed cast costs 5%, or 125 energy of the 2500 needed to cast a tier 4.
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    it is cheaper to buy a td cert at dr
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    Quote Originally Posted by neimanz1 View Post
    it is cheaper to buy a td cert at dr
    I wanted to get to T5 before buying certs. Frustrating that there's a way to do it, yet it is so far away.
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    I tested the armor. The owner gave me permission to post the result. Even in a workshop with max enhancives, it was completely beyond my abilities. According to the wiki, I would not get the opportunity to try for an open roll.

    If I understand open rolls correctly, they are, by definition, unbounded and could result in ridiculously high numbers. An open roll of a million would be possible. Surely this armor could be ensorcelled with a roll of a million, in which case it would not really be beyond my abilities.

    Does "beyond your abilities" mean impossible even with an open roll, or does "beyond your abilities" mean that you do not get a chance for an open roll? Do you get an open roll only if the difficulty is "nearly impossible"?
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