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Thread: Several mid level characters

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    Default 52 Warrior, 47 Rogue, 46 Cleric

    All characters are a transfer with the exception of the warrior. All COL masters and Citizens of Teras with the exception again of the warrior. No scripting warnings. All still have the annual fixskill still avaliable from may. All will come clothed,but I will likely pull the higher medium end weapons/armors prior to sale.

    52 -Dwarven Warrior: 5 second maul rt, warrior guild master Member of Helden Hall. SOLD

    47 -Sylvan rogue: Currently UAC picking setup maxlock (-780) SOLD

    46 -Forest gnome Cleric: 302 setup for bane. MB:$100 or BO:$150

    Not much in the way of bounty points for any. All stats set for growth to cap.
    Any specific questions about any of them or anything I left out feel free to send a pm.

    Thanks, Richard.
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    75 on rogue

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    Rogue SOLD
    Warrior BID pending.

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    Warrior SOLD

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