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    Okay, so the formula for TWC RT, as noted on the page I linked above, is:

    TWCBaseSpeed = RightBaseSpeed + min(LeftBaseSpeed - 2, 0) + min(WeightPenalty, 0)

    The base speed of a falchion is 5. The base speed of a longsword is 4. So that's (5 + (4-2)) = 7 right there. I'd need to see your stats to know exactly what's factoring into your final RT, but you probably have AGI and DEX giving you a speed offset to bring you down to 6, and then ambush is bringing you right back up to 7 again.

    tl;dr: if you want to swing faster, replace your longsword with a short sword.
    This math is a bit off. The offhand won't add RT to base if your STR is high enough to compensate the weight. You can swing two falchions at 5RT pretty easy.

    Roundtime is calculated based on the base roundtime of each weapon, the weight of the off-hand weapon, and the user's strength. Swinging two weapons at once is far faster than swinging each of the weapons individually, but only fast off-hand weapons add no penalty whatsoever to swing speed. For the lowest roundtime, the weapon in the off hand should be at least as fast as the weapon in the right hand and should not be very heavy. To use an off-hand weapon without penalty, you must have the following strength bonuses:

    Off-hand Weight Minimum Strength Bonus
    3 pounds +5
    4 pounds +20
    5 pounds +35
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