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Thread: fresh self knowledge 308 scroll 1m

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    I doubt most people would pay 1m for this charged. 308 is generally much better on regular scrolls.

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    I use them to transfer spirit to my recently raised alts on a 2nd account. Handy for an MAer who has a DE that needs spirit!

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    Not hating just curious. I haven't sold a single scroll since I came back last year...i literally have an alt with like 600 scrolls on him lol

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    generally speaking, self knowledge scrolls are toys because they are single use, to difficult to manage, hard to find sufficient quantity to rely on, etc. Like a toy to use in an invasion or something, not a core utility item like regular infused scrolls
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    honestly i use it to send spirit to my mana rich friends to help me charge orbs so that they can wrack...
    i have a couple of short, holy, spirit senders that munch on mana bread, meditate and then wol. yay mana/spirit chains.

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