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Thread: +17 sanct & spike adamantine shield ( medium)

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    Default +17 sanct & spike adamantine shield ( medium)

    golvern-spiked adamantine knight's shield- SOLD

    Your careful inspection of a golvern-spiked adamantine knight's shield allows you to conclude that it is a medium shield that protects the bearer if carried in the left hand. You also notice that it is spiked.

    You determine that you could wear the shield, slinging it across your shoulders and back. The shield appears to serve some purpose.
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    18 mil now

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    Neat shield. Does it break weapons when you block?

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    mostly seen disarm but i will leave myself out there for a bit

    A jungle troll yells out, "Drabr larlor'mris s'r'vlur!"
    A jungle troll swings a bamboo-hilted machete at you!
    You skillfully block the attack with your shield!
    The jungle troll's machete bounces off of the incredibly hard surface of your knight's shield and falls to the ground!

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    Is it a guaranteed disarm each time you block or no?

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    it is a chance to disarm like a flare i guess? i gave up didn't see any shattering of weapons

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    Ah, still a pretty cool shield.

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    Shields only disarm.

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