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Thread: A pet Rat (Sadie alter option included) and its altered home sack

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    Default A pet Rat (Sadie alter option included) and its altered home sack

    Altered home sack: a scuffed black rations kit

    DR Sewer rat currently: a rotund black rat

    Included is one Sadie alter scroll to alter the rat into a rodent of your choice. (Squirrel, etc..)
    Normal Sadie rules apply to that.. MUST be a rodent and cannot have unnatural colors.

    If you purchase but don't wish to change the rat, I can use the Sadie scroll to alter the item that you choose (that works for those scrolls).

    MB: 7 million
    Buyout offers will be considered.
    Updates should be daily.

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    Are these the things that can fight each other?
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    yeah, they can and will fight if they're on the ground and the demeanor of the two owners aren't warm towards each other.
    They will get temporarily wounded and go back into their home to sleep it off. lol
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