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    Iíve been rolling this in my mind for a year or so now but havenít found the time to really devote to the project. I think itíll be cool to bring GemStone lore to life through YouTube with artwork from the community and officials paired with cool music. Much like the format as seen in the video below:

    However I have some stipulations that I havenít yet resolved, namely:

    ,is the artwork on the officials copyrighted, so that I could not use them in a YT video?
    ,what are some of the topics people here want me to research and bring to life on YT?
    ,most importantly is there anyone here willing to help me verify and make sure the material is correct?


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    Copyright on YouTube is literally a moot point until you monetize off the work in question. Typically giving some form of credit or source link is acceptable by all but the shittiest companies.

    Do what you want.

    The GS Wiki has tons of lore information as does the website.

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    This is a great idea, I love lore videos. Gemstone has some really interesting material to delve into. It would be cool if a small team got together and did this right. As far as format goes, I think Ideas of Ice and Fire is one of the best at this. Here's his youtube, check out his Frank Herberts dune lore series to see how he lays things out.

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