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Thread: PERMABLESSED 4x falchion

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    "Everything is worth what its purchaser will pay for it."

    or to use a more recent quote

    "Haters gonna hate"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fesok View Post
    I don't know why I feel compelled to respond, it's a weakness of mine, but so be it. The last thread selling a permablessed weapon (7 months ago or so) had this quote: "It's still a steal, even at 200 bucks." Now, take that quote for what you will as I believe it was from someone who was neither buying nor selling the actual weapon. Note that silvers are around $4/million and $200 cash puts it around 50M silver. As stated earlier in the auction, the cost to add permabless to an existing weapon (I think 2 were sold? Maybe more?) went for over 90M silver each at Coreasine. Also of note, is whether serious or not, Derex responded in the last permabless weapon for sale thread and seemed to express interest in owning it though apparently it went for around 66M silver (price is a bit in question, and it was 5x as opposed to 4x).

    I bought this weapon for somewhere in the neighborhood of 20M silver back when silver was $10/million. Given silver is $4/million now, that's 50M silver using dollars as opposed to flat silvers for the market value. I added the mild crit weighting and ensorcelling myself, adding whatever value that adds.

    If you want to buy a blessable weapon and periodically need to have a cleric bless it, then so be it. I bought mine because I was hunting in the Citadel in River's Rest and could not consistently get blesses (and obviously not Voln to bless myself). It let me hunt undead there for several months, and later I even used it in Nelemar before switching to OHB. These weapons are rare, I've seen maybe 4 sold in the last 4 years, and it's possible 2/4 of those were mine (buying once, selling once).
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