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Thread: PERMABLESSED 4x falchion

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    Default PERMABLESSED 4x falchion

    PERMABLESSED 4x falchion
    "an iridescent white vultite falchion"
    Max light
    T2 ensorcell
    Lightly crit weighted (20 services, 2 effective points, none in the service window)

    If memory serves, the services at Coraesine Forest to add this to a weapon went for over 90M.

    MB: 50M
    BO: 70M

    Item has been sold.
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    You can't/shouldn't be able to have an ensorcell on a permablessed weapon.

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    You can absolutely ensorcell a permablessed weapon.

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    That's like saying you shouldn't be able to ensorcell a sanctified weapon

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    It’s a scam!
    standing between the living and the dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Back
    I am a retard. I'm disabled. I'm poor. I'm black. I'm gay. I'm transgender. I'm a woman.

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    And feel free to get me banned, not going to stop my lawyer from sending Kranar a subpoena for IP information on a couple of people.

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    SOLD on negotiated buyout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fesok View Post
    SOLD on negotiated buyout.
    Told ya
    standing between the living and the dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derex View Post
    Told ya
    I assume both of your comments were in jest, but in case they weren't or if someone considering doing business with me in the future gets spooked, then rest assured I've bought and sold thousands of dollars worth of items without a single incident on my part (I'm looking at you Meb/Nosimaj). Some of the transactions made it into the merchant feedback thread if you'd like to look there, and likely many other positive transactions did not.

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