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Thread: Duskruin Bags of Holding

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    Default Duskruin Bags of Holding

    Has anyone figured out a valid use for these yet? Every idea I originally had for them has failed due to the stacking mechanics. I'll list my failed endeavors below.

    Usable cores from the Confluence have different values and therefore don't stack.
    Charged magic items (even when they have the same number of charges), also seem to have variable values and result in them not stacking.
    I even attempted stacking magic items I bought from a merchant who charged up imbeds during Ebon Gate. These items all look and cost the same, and he filled them to 20 charges a piece. They would not stack.

    One use I could possibly think of is straight store bought magic items (like those spell crystals for magic item use jewelry), but I didn't have any of those to test. And it's also something I don't need in general.

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    i thought about using them for arrows & throwing weapons not sure if it actually works

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    Maybe cobbling? Foraging? Forging? Skins (value ranges so probably no?), so many restrictions bc its not a "true" weightless container valued over 100m....

    Hurling non ebladed/non blessed weapons probably best bet. Anyone using one of these want to chime in what for?
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    weightless arrow bundle container? I think most people said it was the ultimate alchemist satchel.
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    I was thinking throwing also - vials, etc.

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    Using these for hurling/arrows doesn't make sense since we have warrior sheaths to work with. I'm almost positive alchemy ingredients are going to fail since they don't have uniform prices.

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    I would think that basically anything that can stack in a player shop should stack in one of these.
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    I did some additional testing. The results were poor.

    5 golden buttercups from the same room resulted in two different stacks.
    5 acantha leaves from the same room resulted in one stacks.
    The same leaves stacked into different bundle sizes resulted in multiple stacks.
    A bundle of wooden arrows were "too complex to be stored in the sack"

    The two main criteria for stacking appear to be number of items in the bundle and value, but there appears to be additional bullshit at work. Usable herbs all seem to have a uniform value no matter how many are in the stack according to my loresongs. The thing that made me put down this testing project in disgust is that the wands I pulled out of my sack to loresing to ascertain their value would no longer stack together when they they HAD been stacking together previously. Is it a roll of the dice? Did I activate some quantum mechanic by getting a solid value out of the wands? I don't know. I hope someone can prove that these things are better than I'm perceiving them to be.

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    So glad I skipped this latest gimmick. Same old tricks.

    Why? Because racecar.

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    Bag of holding sounds way to epic for the fiddily implementation for this thing.

    The name ought to have been for something like a 200 pound capacity beltworn with 50% weight reduction, with no restriction on what you put in it. Should not be a niche item for use in corner cases; with a name like that it ought to be useful to anyone. The implementation they went with seems more like bag of restriction, than bag of holding.
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